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Let's Get Your Acne Under Control

Updated: Dec 8, 2018

Have you tried everything on the market, dermatologists, and medication but nothing is working?! I am here to help! I have dealt with acne since the age of 17, and over time I have been able to find what triggers it, what ingredients work well for it and how to get it under control. I've been able to educate and share a lot information with all the lovely ladies that come into my treatment room, but I didn't want for the education about acne to stop there.

What causes acne you ask? Well it can be hormonal, diet, and is definitely hereditary. It's a condition that can't be changed but can be controlled. First things first, there are triggers especially in what we eat. Those chocolate covered walnuts filled with creamy caramel, will defenitely lead to full blown break outs (sigh). Also noticed that anything with gluten was causing inflammation not only in my intestines but on my face as well. Can we say I am the most sensitive person in the world (geez). Not saying you have to cut all these things out of your diet, or that all of these can be YOUR triggers, but to definitely see if there is any correlation.

Now let's talk solutions! If you are experiencing acne definitely see an esthetician, but there's a lot you can do on your own. You should be using a cleanser with salicylic acid; a professional one not anything over the counter, they contain alcohol. Exfoliating 2-3 times per week; please do not use any scrubs it pops the acne, spreads the bacteria, and did I mention it scratches the skin?! For spot treatments choose a product with Benzoyl Peroxide, the acne bacteria won't survive with the oxygen it delivers. WEAR SUNSCREEN! When there is inflammation on the skin and you are not wearing any SPF, the sun turns that inflammation into hyperpigmentation (dark spots). The sunscreen you choose should have SPF30 or more. Most important of all don't pop or pick it at! I know it's not the best at complementing our skin or the easiest to deal with, but the white stuff you see is actually white blood cells that are trying to fight off the bacteria, so leave it alone and let it do its job! I hope all of these tips help you and put you on a path to clearer skin, YAY!

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