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The Full Story

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Kalon Skin Studio was founded in 2018 out of the need for our founder to better understand acne. She had suffered from acne since she was in high school and struggled to get it under control for many years. Our founder did not want for anyone to go through what she did or have to wait so long to get their skin under control and that is how Kalon Skin Studio was born. Their goal is to help you have a better understanding about acne and help you clear your skin.


Kalon Skin Studio is a corrective skin care clinic located in Pearland, TX that specializes in clearing acne, reducing acne marks, evening out the skin tone and just overall resurfacing the skin. Our clinic also specializes in hair growth restoration with stem cell and micro-channeling treatments.


Their goal is to also ensure that you experience a treatment where not only you glow afterward but where you achieve bliss. Where you disconnect from your daily stressors and life, and just enjoy the moment.

Kalon Skin Studio is a place where we help you elevate your confidence, so that you can take on the world! Because when you feel good you look good.

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We help people achieve the skin they've always wanted, so they can feel confident and unstoppable. Because Beauty is more than skin deep.

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Our vision is to help people around the world feel empowered and confident through skin care.

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Meet Our Team

Kalon Skin Studio is a growing team. All with a passion for helping others and a love for all things skin care.

They love helping clients get clear skin and achieve the skin they truly desire.  


One of our company values is gratitude, which they practice on a daily. They are truly grateful and honored by everyone who has chosen KSS for their skin care needs.

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