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Kalon VIRTUAL Clear Skin Program

Give yourself the gift of beautiful, clear and healthy skin without leaving the comfort of your home. Feel confident without makeup, fix uneven skin tone and there is no need for medication. You'll have 1 on 1 access with one of our acne experts who will also build a custom skincare regimen based on your needs.


What is the Kalon Clear Skin Program

The Kalon Virtual Clear Skin Program is the perfect solution if you are struggling with adult acne and have tried other methods without success, and can't come in to our studio in the Pearland, TX Area.

Our program helps you achieve clear skin in just four
 months. You will get on a video call with one of our Certified Acne Specialists who will evaluate your lifestyle, find your acne triggers, put together a customized skincare regimen for your specific skin type, acne type and acne severity. You will have bi-weekly 1 on 1 video call check ins with your Acne Specialist for the first 7 weeks. You will also send in updated pictures on a bi-weekly basis before your follow up.

We take out all the guesswork and you will have the support of one of our Certified Acne Specialist guide you through this entire process. You will also receive a breakdown of how, when, how much and what time of day to use your products. 

How it works

Pictures of your Skin

Before the consultation you will be asked to send current pictures of your skin. These picutes must be taken in good lighting without any makeup. You will email these photos to your Acne Specialist to review before you consultation.  Also make sure you have a google accounts, as your video call will be done via google meets.

Consultation 1

There will be 2 parts to this consultation.

During the first part you will receive a link to jump on a video call with one of our Certified Acne Specialists to discuss what you have done to treat your acne, what your skin is currently like and we will ask you some lifestyle questions to see if we can pin point YOUR acne triggers. 

Skincare Regimen

Once your Acne Specialist is clear on what products your skin can tolerate. They will build a custom skincare routine with potent, acne fighting ingredients, for you to follow for the next four months. These will get shipped out to you.

Consultation 11

During the second part of the consultation your acne specialist will guide you on how to use your new skincare regimen. 

You will also receive an email with all the instruction on how to use your products.

Additionally you'll get access to our Kalon Clear Skin Resources which will guide you through what foods and ingredients can be causing acne. 

Bi-weekly Check ins

Together we will schedule your all your bi-weekly check ins.

For your follow ups you will receive new links to log in for your video calls. 

Regimen Adjustments

Every 2 weeks we will tweak your regimen so that your skin can continue to make progress. There will be slight modifications to the frequency in which certain products are used.

All of this will be discussed at your bi-weekly check in and sent to you via email after the call. 

Here at Kalon Skin Studio, we fully understand how acne can impact your life. Confidence is affected, which in turn affects every other part of life! 

With a consistent home care regimen, and the expertise from your esthetician, we can make changes to your lifestyle to start seeing results!

Trust in your esthetician is so important when treating! Acne is not one-size-fits-all, so it can take trial and error to figure out the exact cause for your specific acne type and severity. 


If your before and afters do not show any improvement, your 5th month is on us

Payment plans available

Virtual Klear Skin Program Results

Virtual Clear Skin Program FAQ

I spend a lot of time outdoors, can I still join the program?
-We recommend to join this program more in the fall or winters months if that is the time of year your outdoor activities decrease. Your skin can become more photosensitive, meaning there is increased sensitivity when exposed to the sun/heat.

Can I work out after my treatment?
-No. We advise you to get your work out in before you come in for your peel. Otherwise you will have to wait 24 hours to work out after a peel.

Can I just do the virtual consultation and not join the program?
-This program will not be as successful without the guidance of your esthetician, and we can not guarantee clearer skin within the 4 months. We do offer payment plans to make it as affordable as possible. 

Can I keep using the products I already have?
-In order for this program to be 100% successful you must invest in the products that we carry and that we recommend. Our Koru Skincare line was created specifically for acne prone skin, delivers results and they are formulated without artificial colors, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. No animal testing, no gluten, and no artificial scents. Using other products can skew the results.Can 

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