Booking & Cancellation Policy

  • When booking a treatment at Kalon Skin Studio a credit card is required to reserve your appointment, and payment is rendered at the time of service.
  • Cancellations must be made 3 hours prior to the time of your appointment in the form of: 
    • Following the link in your appointment confirmation email
    • Call​
    • Text
    • Voicemail

Running Late

  • If you are running late please make sure to notify us immediately. It is at our discretion if we wish to extend your treatment for an extra few minutes or if you will only be receive the treatment for the remaining time that is left of your appointment.

No Call No Show

  • If you have not notified Kalon Skin Studio that you are running late for a treatment that is 45 minutes or longer you will be marked as a no call no show after 15 mins.
  • For treatments that are 30 mins or shorter you will be marked as a no call no show after the 5 mins unless notified of your late arrival.

No Hair Left Behind Guarantee!

  • It is possible to miss some hairs during your waxing appointment. In the event that does happen you have 3 days to come in after your service, to remove any hair that was  missed from the previous appointment free of charge. Must be re-booked online.

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