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Skin Purifying Facial

What are the benefits?

This is a great exfoliation for anti-aging, fine lines, mild acne, and large pores.

Who is an ideal candidate for this treatment?


For all skin types, except sensitive or with rosacea.

How does it work?

We apply a Blueberry enzyme with glycolic and salicylic acids that digest dead skin cells and soften sebum. Extractions, high frequency and LED Therapy to help kill any acne bacteria, reduce inflammation and aid in producing collagen. A Charcoal Refining Mask is applied to aid that is anti-microbial, skin detoxifying and pore cleansing ingredients that clarify and purify skin while aiding in the absorption of excess oil and impurities. The soft gray soufflé clay will certainly leave skin looking clearer and healthier.

The perfect add ons

Hydrojelly Mask

Hydrojelly Mask

Extraction Photo

Extra Extraction Time


Lash Lift

How to prep for your appointment

How to prepare for your appointment

Do not exfoliate 3 days prior to your treatment

Schedule your appointment at least 7 days prior to an important event.

Stop the use of any active ingredient 3 days prior to your appointment. Ingredients such as AHA, BHA, Retinol/Retinoid

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