Kenia Miramontes-Owner/Esthetician/Massage Therapist of Kalon Skin Studio. 

She became a Licensed Massage Therapist in September of 2011, shortly after began to provide therapy for kids with disabilities.

During her teen year she suffered from acne and got intrigued with how the skin worked and how to clear acne. Little did she know that was going to be her true passion. A few years later, when she moved from El Paso, Texas to Houston she became a Licensed Esthetician and got certified by the International Dermal Institute as a Dermalogica Expert. She noticed there was a lack of knowledge when it came to skincare and became inspired to help others heal their body and clear their skin. She then decided to combine both licenses and open her studio in Pearland, TX. 

She specializes in corrective treatments to clear acne, remove acne scars and dark spots, and increase the health of the skin.

It is extremely important for her to provide you with treatments using products that do not contain alcohol, sulfate, artificial fragrances, or carcinogenic ingredients. But most importantly as an animal lover, she makes sure all products are CRUELTY FREE!

She strives to provide the greatest customer service, instant results, and an unforgettable experience!